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Weather Averages by Province

Temperature, sunshine, precipitation and snowfall averages for cities and towns across a province:

Weather in Northern Canada


Canada recognizes and celebrates the following national holidays (some provinces may have minor differences):

  • New years day — 1 January
  • Family Day — 3rd Monday in February (not observed in all provinces, known as Louis Riel Day in Manitoba, Islander Day in PEI)
  • Good Friday — typically sometime in late March or early April
  • Easter Sunday — the Sunday after Good Friday
  • Victoria Day—Last Monday in May before 24 May (always one week before the U.S. holiday of Memorial Day)
  • Canada Day—1 July
  • Civic Day — first Monday in August (only applies in some provinces, under different names ie. in Ontario its referred to as Simcoe Day after an early Lieutenant Governor)
  • Labour Day — first Monday in September
  • Thanksgiving—Second Monday in October (the same day as the U.S. holiday of Columbus Day)
  • Halloween —31 October
  • Remembrance Day —11 November (this day is observed in the U.S. as Veterans Day)
  • Christmas — 25 December
  • Boxing day—26 December

Note also that Canada’s Labour Day is not celebrated on 1 May, as in much of the world, but on the first Monday in September (the same day as the U.S. celebrates its Labor Day).

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